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Post by MR2_FTW on Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:48 am

Hey everybody! I just got into the Cressida game and was quite dismayed to find that there were no dedicated forums for these things, and then I found this place on accident. I hope I can contribute some, and gain knowledge from you guys. Anyway here's my lineup:

My #1 love, my 1988 MR2 Supercharged. Yeah I know this is a Cressi forum but this thing is my baby
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And on to the relevant cars.
Here's my 1990 MX83 I bought for cheap back in March. It had a blown head gasket but I've completely rebuild the top end and gotten her to purr like a kitten. I'm just chasing down a few rogue oil leaks (I suspect front main seal and/or oil pump drive shaft seal) and then she will be for sale!
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And here is the 1987 MX72 Wagon I'm picking up this weekend. The seller tells me that the radiator fan is broken and that it needs a new battery, but I'm not totally convinced that's all that's wrong with it. I may keep this one, or fix it and sell it I'm not sure yet.
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