Greetings from VA

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Greetings from VA

Post by MR2_FTW on Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:48 am

Hey everybody! I just got into the Cressida game and was quite dismayed to find that there were no dedicated forums for these things, and then I found this place on accident. I hope I can contribute some, and gain knowledge from you guys. Anyway here's my lineup:

My #1 love, my 1988 MR2 Supercharged. Yeah I know this is a Cressi forum but this thing is my baby

And on to the relevant cars.
Here's my 1990 MX83 I bought for cheap back in March. It had a blown head gasket but I've completely rebuild the top end and gotten her to purr like a kitten. I'm just chasing down a few rogue oil leaks (I suspect front main seal and/or oil pump drive shaft seal) and then she will be for sale!

And here is the 1987 MX72 Wagon I'm picking up this weekend. The seller tells me that the radiator fan is broken and that it needs a new battery, but I'm not totally convinced that's all that's wrong with it. I may keep this one, or fix it and sell it I'm not sure yet.

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