Rockauto closeout cheat

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Rockauto closeout cheat

Post by OkieRA29 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:38 pm

Okay, want a quick and easy way to find out if any parts you need are on closeout at Rockauto? Well, you are in luck. I learned this on another forum, but thought I would share it here.

Frist step is to go to Rockauto(duh) instead of using the live cataloge, look down on the left hand side near the bottom. Click on the link that says 'Traditional HTML catalog' Go through the list and find your car. Mine is an 86 Toyota Cressida wagon, but they just go by engine size. Once you get to the listing for your car look in the address bar. At the end of the address will be your car code. For the 86 cressida it is 1276141. Highlight and copy the car code. Now go to this link:

This is the link for an 83 Celica closeout parts. Highlight the car code in the above address in your browser. Paste your car code into the space. For the 86 Cressida your address should look like this link:

Hit enter and that should take you to the complete listing of every part on closeout at the time.

Hope this helps, remember, just cause you don't need that blinker fluid right now, you may need it next week when it is not on close out. Laughing 


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Re: Rockauto closeout cheat

Post by sietekk on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:03 am

Awesome! Thanks so much! This should be stickied.


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