need help! trying to get my 2jzge running.

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need help! trying to get my 2jzge running.

Post by Smokeythalo on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:24 am

So, I belive I have run into the last issue with getting my car running finally. Background for those who do t know:
92, 2jzge swap from an sc300, r154, ma70 D's front half, blah blah blah. Its running stock ecu2j auto ecu, Abs, trac systems have been removed.

Now the two issues.

The sc300 harness does not ha e provisions for the starter,' its a different circuit in an sc300. I've tried to tie the STA wire, under the dash, to the starter solenoid, and no dice, what am I missing?

Also, can the 7mge coil be hard wired to the 2jz loom, if I bypass the 7mge ignitor? I don't wanna spend 70$ on another coil if it will work.


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