FS - 1992 Cressida, Brooklyn NY

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FS - 1992 Cressida, Brooklyn NY

Post by Blueyedben on Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:43 pm

For sale: 1992 Toyota Cressida, Beige
Odometer: 158,XXX miles
Price: $975 OBO
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Name: Ben
Contact: blueiedben@yahoo.com
Payment Preference: Cash

I'm sad to see her go, but I am selling my '92 Cressida. I inherited this car from my Grandparents (original owners) and have owned her since '02/'03. The body may look rough, but don't be fooled, this car has some serious character. It makes a great city whip - reliable to get around town and park on the street. I occasionally shoot home to visit my parents outside Philly (does that drive no problem) - was just home for Thanksgiving.

The bulk of the miles are from when my grandparents would have their car driven from NJ to FL and back for their winters down there. I also drove this car to San Diego and back (spent 2 yrs in CA). The interior is leather, but both front seat have good signs of wear. The main cause of this was from my grandparents parking the car in the baking NJ summer sun at their shore house (gotta love'em).

This car has a clean title and I have the original owners manual (I think I have the original bill of sale, purchased in NJ). The NY emissions/inspection sticker is valid until April 2014.

- starts right up, and runs great
- Inline V6, has great acceleration power (hills not so much Wink)
- I consistently changed oil every 3k-4k miles
- Fairly new tires, full spare in trunk
- New battery (less than 6 months old)
- Heavy duty beige rubber floor mats (front and back)

- two accidents, 1st while parked I was swiped by a turning truck (front driver side front panel damage, side light still works), 2nd I was using an old spare and blew a tire on the highway causing me to brush against median (side damage, cracked rear light works)
- I think it has minor oil leak, original gaskets so common for older car
- Leaks power steering fluid - but with most old cars I carry a bottle or two and keep level maxed out
- It has a built-in security alarm that still works (kill switch) but you have to enter through passenger side not to activate it - passengers think you are always opening the door for them Wink
- No A/C (bad compressor, I just removed belt)
- Has a functional sunroof (one of my fav features)! But tilt doesn't work (you can tilt open but may not be able to close)

I am no mechanic, but I will answer all question thoroughly and honestly.


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Re: FS - 1992 Cressida, Brooklyn NY

Post by 22redlined on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:29 pm

"inline V6" :facepalm:


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