4m 1979 mx32 vacuum trouble

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4m 1979 mx32 vacuum trouble

Post by r2d2michael on Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:36 am

hello all!. so my 79 mx32 is in trouble.

I bought it and managed to get it home. it had poor idle and no power under load. popped the hood and saw about half of the vacuum lines were missing. so I started to replace them according to my Haynes book I found the half that was there was all wrong. so I re did it all (25 feet of line) and now have found the BVSV valve for the EGR valve is busted.( vacuum nipples busted off) and im totally missing the VCV valve.
BVSV #23264
VCV #23276

here is a diagram that I marked up. I thinks this is ok to post because its not the hole book?

any one know a good source for these or has some? or is there a way to bypass? sad part is , it was running better with all the lines hooked up wrong and missing lol


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