4lug to 5lug conversion. Dont chastise me! Lol

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4lug to 5lug conversion. Dont chastise me! Lol

Post by Jeepster045 on Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:23 pm

Hey guys!


Here is a picture of my solid/fixed axle mx73, with a 2.0 21r engine.  I heard most US and Aussie mx73s are independent rear suspensions, with inline 6 engines.

Anyway, i have great plans for this MX, but to start with, i plan to upgrade from a 4lug to 5lug set up. Can someone tell me where do most people get their 5 lug conversions from? Preferably bolt-on parts, if not, i can talk to the local machine shop for other conversion methods.

And while comtemplating on that, i wanted a bigger job on the car.

I want to install an independent rear suspension on my MX.

A good friend who has won 2 national drift seasons here, offered to install s14/s13 independent rear suspensions on my MX.  he has done this job more than enough times, swapping and installing s13 suspension systems on solid axle-vehicles here for drifting purposes.  He has my trust with this matter, and i just might do it.

I do not plan to drift my cressida, its going to be a city-dweller, a cruiser. Not a race car or a street car.

But i want to update it. Unnecessary, yeap.  But desireable in my opinion.  Any help would be appreciated.

Photo below is an SSR that was suppose to be for an AE86, but that project got scrapped. Just wanted to show how it fits.


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Re: 4lug to 5lug conversion. Dont chastise me! Lol

Post by RayRay on Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:45 pm

Well if you do that that also go s13 in the front, than its as easy as putting 300zx or skyline hubs & brakes on a 240.


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Re: 4lug to 5lug conversion. Dont chastise me! Lol

Post by kamesama980 on Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:57 pm

It'd be as easy to put S13 IRS as it would cressida IRS. None of the mounting points compare between IRS and solid axle cars, the whole underside of the rear is different. That isn't to say either would be easy.

Unless you're competing, IRS isn't worth the cost and less reliability/ease of repairs over stock parts. Also keep in mind that on the street you have insurance and liability to worry about too. Get in an accident with it with the heavily modified rear end and they may try to blame the mods in which case your friend better have good insurance.

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Re: 4lug to 5lug conversion. Dont chastise me! Lol

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