My 1989 Cressida

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My 1989 Cressida

Post by Elie on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:28 pm

Well first off I am from, I used to drive Supras, but then after being hit in every Supra I have owned I have decided to try a Cressida for now.
The car is pretty sweet, but it is basically stock right now with 122k miles.
I think I will use this topic to record everything a do to my car.

First off I am updating the speakers.
I was able to fit 3.5s in the speakers located near the knees and I will replace the others as soon as I can as the oem speakers have seen better days. Also I am missing an antenna and I doubt that helps, I figure on a Saturday I can get one.

After I replace all the speakers I will decide if I will keep the oem stereo or replace it with the one from my 1979 Celica supra

I hope to give more info than I take in,


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