New Member From AUS 82 Cressida

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New Member From AUS 82 Cressida

Post by Toriconnie on Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:56 am

Hi Everyone, My name is Tori, I'm new to the forum, and fairly new to the car world!

I've recently purchased an 82' Cressida, with 161,000km's on it, 5-ME motor, auto.
I know how to drive, but I want to learn to how to "Drive".
I don't really know what I'm doing yet, just beginning to get on the tools really, but so far I have a fair idea of what I want:
1UZ-FE conversion,
Manual, Probably W58?
LSD or mechanical locker of sorts, no idea whats available for a Cressy yet,
Better suspension or Coilover Setup,
Brake upgrade and Drum to Disc conversion for the rear.
Hydraulic Handbrake,
Steering Reducer,
Remove the park-bench bumpers,
Digital Dash conversion or sc400 Dash,
Rims of some sort, maybe 15 x 7,
and all the little things I'll think of along the way.

Any Pointers/Suggestions/ideas would be awesome.
I apologize in advance for my noobishness..... first build, and I have no clue where to start!  Very Happy 


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Re: New Member From AUS 82 Cressida

Post by Gil_mx62 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:53 pm

Hey my name is Gilbert and i too have an 82 cressy . I just got it back running and need a brake job. Im new to the forum but plan to turn it into a daily\drift car. Lol for coilovers look at the bc racing ones there good but maybe require alil work so it can fit on the cressy


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