New member from Calif. 2GR-FSE swap

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New member from Calif. 2GR-FSE swap

Post by Jim_K on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:32 am

Hi all.  I got my 90 MX83 about 4 years ago to use a daily driver (other car is 91 MR2 w/ V6).   A really clean burgundy color car owned by some retiree that only had 65k miles.  Thought I was going to do a 2JZ swap, but decided to do something more challenging, hence the IS350 engine.   Here she as, after I replaced the dead rear struts with some MK3 Supra rear struts and some IS300 rims:

I started the swap about a year ago (no big hurry, lots of little issues).  Took a couple months off, but I'm back at it now.   I have a build thread on ToyotaNation, but I'll transfer that over here and continue on.

Here she is right after I picked her up:

And here's the original window sticker.  $25,800 = about $47,000 adjusted for inflation today.


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