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Post by BrettO on Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:35 am

So the missile i was building has now been named the Beater, and thats what i have been doing to it for the last year or so beating on it haha, The thing just wont Die.

Picking up from where i left off i completed the Manual swap with the w5x I had pulled out of Blue Dowork when i started the 1uz conversion on that.

BrettO's Beater IMG_1917

Then i did the shorter inserts into the BC's. This was max low to start with

BrettO's Beater IMG_1882

Easiest way to swap it is out the top!

BrettO's Beater IMG_1885

Comparing difference in shocks first

BrettO's Beater IMG_1893

Then completely assembled :

BrettO's Beater IMG_1896

I think this was max low after. If you cut the factory casing shorter (less than the 40mm recommended ) before you weld the new struts on you could make the nuts touch which would allow maximum low but i was happy enough with this and had enough problems at this hight.

BrettO's Beater IMG_1899

This is how it looked back on its wheels

BrettO's Beater IMG_1936

Looked good on 18s too

BrettO's Beater IMG_1911

I Left it on the 15s of course and cruised around everywhere banging on the road. Took it to the beach for some glamour shots courtesy of my mate Foster Smile

BrettO's Beater 1458626_681641595208725_287699866_n

BrettO's Beater 1466211_681641648542053_1598894864_n

BrettO's Beater 1463138_264086393742319_1239018527_n

Even used it to tow my Red Dowork around

BrettO's Beater Pbucket

I eventually had a bad run in Last christmas day and Smashed the sump halfway through a 300 km trip down the country. Fixed the sump in a supermarket carpark with Kneedit/coldweld . Filled it up with oil drove 20mtrs down the road and... got pulled up for being to low by the local cops. Got off with a fine and drove the rest of the way down. Then the 400km "long" way home. Actually i still havent fixed the sump haha. I was waiting until the motor popped but that hasn't happened yet either.

After a few more runs ins with the law i parked it up for a while . I decided to change the wheels up to as i got bored. I Plastidipped them a few different ways to see what i liked.

BrettO's Beater 20140625_180357

Decided i like the black on black the most and ran with that.

BrettO's Beater 20140830_004853

Ended up being too much black so out with the paint pen to break it up a little.

BrettO's Beater 20140903_174522

I was stoked with the result!!!

BrettO's Beater 20140926_132346

Maby a little to stoked as i ended up skidded the tires off them haha. So now its rolling on some XXR reps in a 16 x 8 Gives it better ground clearance and attracts less attention from the law.

BrettO's Beater 20141129_160346

I have thought about selling it .but I just cant bring myself to do it. Like I said I beat on this thing daily and it just doesnt seem to mind. ( touch wood ) I constantly have thing run through my mind over what I want to do to it . Fresh 5m , 7m turbo , 1j , 2j , 13b turbo. Cage it and track it or cut the roof off. I just hope I never have to get rid of it . Guess I have to just wait and see what the future holds. Dowork needs to be finished first though. So if it dies before then into storage it will go but until then I will keep on beating it  Twisted Evil


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Post by Push on Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:47 am

I love the bbs wheels Smile

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