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Mx63 Wagon Empty Mx63 Wagon

Post by ram9cc on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:05 pm

This is my wagon ATM. I'm just driving her as is. Pretty fun reliable daily driver.

I'd like to re-work the rear suspension to air or get some sleeves built for my 5" OD springs... but not sure about which. Thinking mostly about what to do with the interior and driveline atm.

4speed auto - my first auto purchase ever. I like the transmission. It's fun to floor it and have it shift at high RPMS.

Engine is stock 5MGE. Compression is around 150 on all cylinders except for 4 which is borderline and shows signs of weaker ring seal.

Technotoytuning front coils with shock spacers for a bit extra ride height.

295/50R15 on a -30ET 15x10 rim in the rear and 265/50R15 -28ET 15x10 in front.

Fresh blue metallic paint.

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