HELP HELP HELP! need electrical help

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HELP HELP HELP! need electrical help

Post by mx83slide on Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:45 am

hey people, so i have a 1992 s2 x8 cressida (Australia), did a 5 speed swap about a year ago and have been driving around with no speedo for about that time LOL, so i thought i should stop being lazy and put a sender in, so i have the cluster out, did some wiring on the back of cluster, put it all back together but for some reason when i put everything back together and the neither the radio or the clock work anymore. i did not touch any of the wiring going to either of these things. all fues are good. no damage to wiring were i was working. someone please help me out! or has this happend to anyone else?
cheers ashton


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