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Texas x81 Cresta Empty Texas x81 Cresta

Post by jake. on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:46 pm

I picked up this jzx81 Cresta a few weeks back, havent been messing with cars for a few years now but the deal was too good. Should be fun to ruin.

Texas x81 Cresta 79905542-C627-40F5-AC81-403EDA6D34B5_zpsnupbitar

Texas x81 Cresta AC5A3219-87F9-4C15-B83B-CA709401A53E_zpsznovmei8

Texas x81 Cresta 4F2D5008-6AB5-4282-8F34-034114FC76AE_zpspeybkyrs

Texas x81 Cresta 5885AFF0-EFA2-4392-8AF0-7FC998497ED1_zpsnbuj25jd

Texas x81 Cresta A562D557-F105-413A-98E3-50D328076262_zpsaoxyyje4

Texas x81 Cresta C8D2AB00-BDEE-431E-BE52-3D5DD954C9B9_zpsdvh3ki9s

Texas x81 Cresta 12735937_10204686073545269_909948762_n

Its obviously auto, which is kind of lame, but totally untouched. Perfect interior and only 30k miles on it. Should be fun to mess with here and there.


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