2jz-gte 86 cressida build

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2jz-gte 86 cressida build

Post by robm458 on Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:22 pm

Hey guys looking for some advice on my Cressida build. My dad wanted to build a sleeper with his 86 Cressida so we decided to put a 2JZ in because apparent it bolts in. The car is in mint condition, automatic with 165k.

I have a 98-00 Aristo 2jz with transmission, but the ecu is cut off. And I'm not to sure which ecu to purchase, either the 3 plug or older 4-5 plug ecu. Other than that the harness is complete. I bought motor mounts from excessive motors and a temporary driveshaft adapter. For this year I'm just trying to get the vehicle moveable. And next year I will continue completing the build.

IV been doing alot of research but am totally stuck now.

First does the throttle cable have to be replaced for a longer one?

The 2jz has a/c compressor does anyone know if there's lines that will bolt into the stock Cressida?

I pulled to Cressida motor and I will be installing the 2j this week, if anyone know of any issues I should be prepared for please tell


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