85 Cressida, 5MGE, worth anything?

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85 Cressida, 5MGE, worth anything? Empty 85 Cressida, 5MGE, worth anything?

Post by ITFlyer on Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:46 pm

I've got my sister in law's 85 Cressida sitting in my driveway at the moment. My wife has been driving it while she waits for her new car to get made, and I've been doing what I can to keep it alive and (reasonably) safe to drive. I've put new front rotors/pads, new rear tires, new battery, sealed the (still) leaky trunk, but the main problem is rust. It is returning to the earth, and a lot of suspension and brake fasteners are no longer able to be safely removed. The body is full of holes. The interior is still reasonably OK, for a 33 year old car. Most everything still works.

Today the fuel pump took a dump, and I decided I'm done fixing this car. It has 150K on it, and was (literally) driven by a little old lady from new until my sister in law got it in 2002. The 5MGE engine is still rock solid, good compression. Exhaust header has holes, A/C compressor is done, and I suspect the steering pump is nearing end of life. The transmission, like the engine, is excellent, perfect.

So...is this worth anything to anyone? I really hate to just send it off for scrap, because that inline 6 is a thing of beauty, and (when it actually has fuel being pumped to it) it runs like a top. Sounds great, too. Especially with holes in the exhaust header.

I'm willing to entertain offers. The car is just outside Cleveland, OH.


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