TRD lsd upgrade parts for mx73

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TRD lsd upgrade parts for mx73

Post by Juntao on Fri May 03, 2013 4:50 am

90368-50006 SIDE BEARING, TAPERED ROLLER ( oversized for TRD LSD only) x 2
90311-38011 SEAL, TYPE T OIL ( side shaft seals) x 2
41336-22010 COVER, DUST ( side seal dust covers) x 2
90521-29002 RING, HOLE SNAP RING for side shaft x 2
90366-30022 outer BEARING, TAPERED ROLLER pinion bearing x 1
90366-35023 inner Bearing, tappered roller pinion bearing x 1

pinion seal will be one of the following depending on your production date on your door. or just type your vin number at
90311-38010 (08/1984 - 08/1986) x 1
90311-38133 (09/1986 - 07/1988) x 1

90179-18001 Pinion NUT x 1

90201-18485 WASHER, PLATE for pinion x 1

the rest of the parts should be reusable.


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