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Selling your goods on cressidaforums is a privilege, not a right. That privilege is earned by community participation and adherence to the rules.

Below is the form for items, parts and cars for sale. Before you post anything, copy this template and fill it out. Use of this template is mandatory. If you do not use the template, your thread will be locked and/or deleted at the FS mods discretion. If there is any information on this template that you cannot fill in, then DO NOT POST!

For Sale Template


NAME (First and Last) :
PHONE: *Optional to post public but you must provide it to your buyer and/or an admin or moderator upon request.
PAYMENT PREFERENCE: (i.e. - paypal, cash, food, etc...)




Note: For individual items, you must post an actual photo of the item for sale. No stock photos, etc. The only exception to this is if you are parting out a car. We don't expect you to take a picture of every little part, but in this case, post a picture of the parts car you are parting out. If you need a host site, is easy to use. Do not post "email me for pics" - post them up. Pictures must be posted when the FS post is made, don't make a post and say "I'll post pics later" - because that never happens.


1. Topic Titles:

Please make your topic titles clear. Please be at least somewhat descriptive in the items that you are selling/wanting/trading. This will make things a lot easier for everyone when they are browsing threads. In the Want to Buy / Trade forum, if you are wanting to trade, it may be helpful if you post a "WTT:" prefix for your thread title, to let people know in advance what they are going to be viewing. If you are selling a car, PUT YOUR LOCATION IN THE TITLE!!!

2. Items for sale:
You must be the rightful owner of what you are selling. To be clear: DO NOT POST ITEMS THAT ARE NOT YOURS... If your item is a replica, it must be identified as one. If you are selling a knock off wing, don't list it as a Bomex wing. This is called fraud, and we don't tolerate it.

3. Pricing: is NOT an auction site. When you post an item for sale, please post an asking price. If you are negotiable on the price, just add OBO after your price...

3. Linking to ebay, craigslist, etc:
congrats, you have a for-sale listed somewhere else with it's own rigamorale to list there. in case the implication by having a template isn't message enough, we'll say it outright: don't just a link to your ebay/CL/etc ad or it"ll get deleted without a warning.
Thank you,
The cressidaforums Moderation Team

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