Kurts X81 Chaser daily.

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Kurts X81 Chaser daily. Empty Kurts X81 Chaser daily.

Post by beachlander on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:09 am

Now i know its not a cressida, but its close enough right?
Had this for about six months now, traded it for my old jzx100 chaser.
Kurts X81 Chaser daily. Pbucket
Specs are:
BC Gold coilovers.
Modified, certed exhaust of some description.
16x8 and 16x7.5 sterns.
Factory manual.
1gge of fury.
Quite low. Scrapes eerryy where, but will stay at this height. Came with a full set of facelift lights and a locky, but unsure if the locky will fit my diff housing. If it does I'll jam it in, maybe change the wheels later down the track.
Owned for a couple of weeks then bought this.
Kurts X81 Chaser daily. Pbucket
So will be full on when that arrives. Also getting an r154 when i have some money, and a g series subframe.


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