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Post by MitchBrock on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:56 am

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1377850]came across a old pic of my first wagon.
Thought id share.

Bertha the ugly x62 156606_475328569174817_2111292553_n

Bertha the ugly x62 2093f95432c02ceec65a8a47c47aafc5[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1376352]well still have to order the shocks first then wheels then flares. slowly, just a few hundred bucks here and there towards parts. #brokekidprobs

I went with my buddy to go trade his FC for a x7 cressida.

Bertha the ugly x62 9b978d6c5cac1e3524266e73cffa504a

and got a hook up on a seat Smile


for a A4 seat.

Bertha the ugly x62 8ae042d59cf17dba3cfa492a3977bee8[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1374172]So today got some work done, I called T3(techno toy tuning) and im able to swap out the ae86 camber plates and NCRA's for the Cressida's models.

a 84 wagon with 230k, and this is the worst/dirtiest car iv ever worked on.

Bertha the ugly x62 Cc2e65173268f19bef0f59fb6a458ba1

that lip is dirt/grease mix.

Bertha the ugly x62 Delicious-thumb

so part list so far.
*outer tie rods,
* inner tie rods,
* tie rod sleeves,
* wheel seals,
* sway bar bushings,
* sway bar links,
* Lower control arm bushings,
* T3 camber plates,
* 12kg eibach spings,
* T3 weld on kit sleeves,
* T3 Negative center roll adjusters.

Bertha the ugly x62 E415580db4ff65de152f7383f27b6ef6

Bertha the ugly x62 E42640fd246f3c0739385f7cbe576fe0

Bertha the ugly x62 05283360cb8845ea21e1c9fa527221cd

Bertha the ugly x62 99d3101144409562b3ac1cf928f6cb68[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1374461]well Gabe (the owner) of Techno Toy Tuning hooked it up, went up and visted and check out the sweet builds he has going on and changed out the ae86 camber plates with mx61 camber plates and its a new design!

Bertha the ugly x62 C446ac7fdcdf6af62b02bda6468624c4

going back tomorrow for the correct NCRA's[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1375271]So made a trip yesterday back to T3 (techno toy tuning) factory and Gabe the owner hooked me up!

traded the ae86 Rca's for x6 Ncra's!

Bertha the ugly x62 9155ed01d2b1723546066ea6e10acf65

-12 camber in front here we come (need to get a T3 Weld on LCRA kit next)
0 camber in the rear.

Bertha the ugly x62 53cc33d29cd6c2edc3634c3696fcaea1

this was my last wagon with t3 camber plates and 1.5 inch extended lcra's[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1383591]So my front agx shocks came in, and....... there blown. awesome ebay.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1404109]7mge block-Check
7mge crank-check
7mgte rods
5mge 12v top end-check
81-82 5mge pistons
hks 2mm hg
arp head studs-Check
polish valves
titanium valve springs
stock ct26-check
7mge injectors-check

Bertha the ugly x62 1012963_843413322368367_7313561839412451744_n

Bertha the ugly x62 10915201_843413355701697_5343475732251579177_n[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1404123]also picked up 14kg springs is finish my coilovers and ordered 15x10-88 steel wheels to build my flares around.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1404125]Bertha the ugly x62 10904423_4957476310043_1826690578594911606_o

in love with the white x6 wagons Smile[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1406813]Bertha the ugly x62 10426166_833877129988653_681015330028556822_n

WinterJam was rad.

pick up some 14kg springs for 20$ (black)
Bertha the ugly x62 E65e68cc46f2ffe696c76f8f36c053b1
old ones are 7kg.

time to make my coils Smile

Bertha the ugly x62 70eb395ce4256b61170571fb35fec350

and got brand new mr2 agx shocks for free Smile
guy sold me them, my dad told me they where bad, so I message the guy and boom refund.
guy diddent want them.
I go check them and my pops was looking at the old shocks lol.

Bertha the ugly x62 6f0d497db1d94ef50c9c9feb1d560035

Bertha the ugly x62 E43418db995107ef64655b0a76dd8271[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1411109]Bertha the ugly x62 09dd702157137004e0b4ffde03f3cc48

15x10-88 Wink[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1411548]Bertha the ugly x62 10940992_853803641329335_1557869832057974113_n

pokes a little about 2.5 inchs past the fender[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1414514]Bertha the ugly x62 1925060_857477777628588_6646920198903627112_n

Bertha the ugly x62 10842019_857472880962411_5703127480078649255_o

going to have about -10 degrees of camber in front after I get t3 lca's, and 0 in the rear. 15X10-88 with 205/50.

front: t3 camber plates, 14kg springs, mr2 agx shocks, t3 DIY kit thanks to peter for welding my tubes, t3 Ncra's.

rear: t3 pan hard bar, camero agx shocks, and g35 stock rear springs cut #ballinonabudget[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1436439]Bertha the ugly x62 11091265_887895747920124_2169458715686866619_n

big things coming soon Wink

lets just say 12 wide circle things with a negative number higher then 80....[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1437902]picked up a old Pacesetter header for Free! score.
note its just for my 5mge till the other motor is in.

Bertha the ugly x62 E0d7a3be4367de3675c4d5bb7b02c488

Also picked up my w58,flywheel,and shifter and clutch fork for 100$

Bertha the ugly x62 B25152611c67aa30162d072cb9b16f49

and I forgot to mention that I picked up a x63 for sonoma drift. has the digi! Smile
full running x63

Bertha the ugly x62 8d2aa727e6433fc65bdaa956b8d4e99e

Bertha the ugly x62 926d6ce40c937ad79c295d5ed26a9b37

then I started swapping the interior since my blue grossed me out finding a melted spoon, some bloody razors and some condoms. the wagon was a party wagon. :p

Bertha the ugly x62 09c4177ee01721537cc01e429c7bd463

and while I was doing this I thought it would be the perfect time to wire the factory stereo in.

Bertha the ugly x62 Bf73831ec01fab33365c1627b99f2ca7

Bertha the ugly x62 3da472c80c685b119832618bc0e141bb

Bertha the ugly x62 De37a4c879b7174480a490e3c0f73276

the new setup.

Bertha the ugly x62 1478322313f5d2c3f448108d61be071e

and heres some sexy bitches.....
Bertha the ugly x62 5f8e0896fc50e69928f239fab139f5e5[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1455848]So im a little behind here....

picked up a mk3 w58 for 100$ with flywheel and shifter
Bertha the ugly x62 865793a19ba5170fde5eed2b815bfe92

then I picked up a 2nd w58 and flywheel for 20$ (score)

heres a little toyota love. fav car mk3.
Bertha the ugly x62 6ad7bdb3b6b455052f5ec041487aaa18

so the auto finally came out!
Bertha the ugly x62 E8aa5b4e1254ff49507fe81df38a3661

so a few weeks later I go threw my 2nd w58 that I think was in better shape and just did a basic service on in replacing seals and gaskets.
Bertha the ugly x62 5bf2083ee5585d880d107edcfbd881cd

well.... fresh(resurfaced) vs old.
Bertha the ugly x62 4851aef3cfbd565528b0adbc3214d2ea
big difference!

down the road my good Sir Stancelot (heres a link to his build) (

gave me a free custom header! only sad thing is my pitman arm wouldn't clear Sad
Bertha the ugly x62 671268ff4a146ff74fb2acec2d818286

so when I got under there to start taking off the flex plate I realized theres only 5 bolts out of 6, I was like the hell? once I took that flex plate off I see that some one snap a bolt in the crank and tryed to drill it out and fucked it all up.
Bertha the ugly x62 3d489bc319b00614332da4c19759003d

so.... I just say yolo and blue lock tight and run it with 5 bolts till I put my 6mgte in.
Bertha the ugly x62 59478d7b0a315dd548a561f9bbd89c89

so came over one day and hmmm.... what does my flares look like on a mk2
Bertha the ugly x62 57913430bc5c3580a347a90f926e4911

I think the results are very pleasing but he was not a fan haha.

picked up a shift extender and a classic yota knob
Bertha the ugly x62 C6ab728bbd8534c260652404cb231c4f
Bertha the ugly x62 E8684ab45a3a8d546d2d24de8bbe7127

last week I picked up a full set of 16x8-10 starion wheels and a pair of the 16x7 18 offset for 300$
so im like fuck it 5 lug adapters(2in) it is then. with my ncra's my wheels are 16x8-74 haha.

Bertha the ugly x62 58b9990035151be99c01bf17393ecb87

then put fresh 185/55 rubber on :p
Bertha the ugly x62 Be996b53eff00b488d58831232e04047

Bertha the ugly x62 F8a8aff13d6ff8c09d24f898a4dcfadc
Bertha the ugly x62 Fa48db98a0d0e37ed6f50563fafa1554
Bertha the ugly x62 8b7f3b1b0fb4a0d2658f6f811fb45160
Bertha the ugly x62 4c4bec1c5384fc7da9d8d5ad190e338c[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mitchbrock1;1460683]Bertha the ugly x62 11427735_924814227561609_7867776314082543693_n[/QUOTE]


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