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Hi from South Aus Empty Hi from South Aus

Post by hybrid_turbo on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:34 am

hey guys thought i would join up since it seems tc.net has vanished.
name is Jason, from South Australia and i own a MX83 Cressida, has a w58 manual conversion and
just picking up the last few parts for a 2jzge conversion.

here are a few of the cars that i own atm.
first off, the cressy
Hi from South Aus 873_10151242686314543_844631190_n
my BA Ford Falcon
Hi from South Aus 184057_10151353210069543_1939912759_n
EF and EL XR6 Ford Falcons
Hi from South Aus 541879_10150945648804543_1577522360_n
My Baltic Blue JZA80
Hi from South Aus 249259_10150186858724543_6601609_n
my black JZA80
Hi from South Aus 314675_10151218760489543_2141658677_n
my RA60 celica (aka PAPERW8)
Hi from South Aus 28479_384194044542_4615407_n
my drift bitch
Hi from South Aus 38304_410355704542_7675331_n

look forward to seeing more people join and hopefully share some info and gain some.

Cheers, Jason.


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