Hi from South Aus

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Hi from South Aus

Post by hybrid_turbo on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:34 am

hey guys thought i would join up since it seems tc.net has vanished.
name is Jason, from South Australia and i own a MX83 Cressida, has a w58 manual conversion and
just picking up the last few parts for a 2jzge conversion.

here are a few of the cars that i own atm.
first off, the cressy

my BA Ford Falcon

EF and EL XR6 Ford Falcons

My Baltic Blue JZA80

my black JZA80

my RA60 celica (aka PAPERW8)

my drift bitch

look forward to seeing more people join and hopefully share some info and gain some.

Cheers, Jason.


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