Rav4 Front Strut Inserts With Lowering Springs

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Rav4 Front Strut Inserts With Lowering Springs

Post by forgottenzone on Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:01 am

This setup works good with the MK3 rear struts.

KYB RAV4 for the front Cressida Struts. Part # is 365-093.
They are about 20mm shorter stroke and about 50% stiffer.
Just about perfect really.
The Rav4  strut insert requires a  7mm spacer to be fitted under the strut base to fit inside the mx83 strut.
These inserts are shorter and you will need to put a 7mm spacer under the foot of the insert.
Any suspension shop can help you out and I believe they are called strut washers or shock washers in the trade.
The top mount is identical and the the cressida top mount can be used without any issues.

These struts will work extremely well with lowered springs.

Here is the link for my MK3 Rear struts Post:

MK3 Link

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